Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Quesadilla's at home with tomatilla and jalepano salsa

This is made at least once a week in our home.  I use any meats.  This time it is leftover hickory smoked pork tenderloin.  Usually its grilled chicken, or even sometimes can chicken if everyone is starving.  
I lay out various decorations, as not everyone in this family likes all the toppings.  
Sourcream, Ranch dressing, chopped green onion, Sriracha <hubs chinese ketchup> more cheese, lettuce, and sometimes guacamole if we have it on hand.  
These are sooo easy to make.  Let the kids fill their own, even.
Grill until tortilla turns brown and crispy.   

Ingredients for our Quesadilla's 

Pork tenderloin marinating in tomatilla salsa

With marinated pork, cheese, salsa and sriracha.
The hubby uses sriracha like it is ketchup.  

Sideways view

Just flipped and almost ready!

With green onion garnishment and ranch or sour cream.
I secretly added more salsa ; )

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