About the ScovilleZone

My husband is a chili pepper fanatic.  He always has been.  Since the first moment I met him.  
At most points in our 29 years together, he has grown some kind of chili.  Sometimes it was only one, sometimes 30 or 40 in the garden.  He even brings plants in to winter safely.  
His favorite thing to do with chili peppers is make a pizza shake.  Dry whatever chili's he has an abundance of and crush into flakes.  
It dawned on me that others might find this interesting and perhaps we can learn and teach something to other chili-heads.  

All of our chili's are grown at home.  We have an 8x10 deck, and a large center hallway/atrium we will use for winter.  
Chili peppers are fun to grow not only because they provide you with a spicy addition to any cooking, but also because the plants are just beautiful.  Habanaro plants spread out on top like a mini tree, jalepeno plants have a beautiful deep green leaf and great 
structure, too.
Thai and pequin chili's look like mini Christmas tree's all dotted with red, while pointing up, towards the sun.    

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  1. They are pretty plants.but hoooooottttttt.