Tomatillo Salsa
A lot of salsa is made in our home.  This tomatillo salsa is the easiest and tastiest.  Tomato's can be substituted.    
Ingredients for this batch are as follows 
4 small tomatillo's, 
3 medium jalapeno's,  
3 cloves of garlic, 
about a tablespoon of white vinegar, 
(apple cider vinegar works well too)
salt to taste, 
 giant bunch of cilantro.  
Blend with short bursts of power.  
Then add fresh onion chunks.  
We found the salsa tastes better with onion not blended in.
Try it yourself.  
The beauty is you can add hotter peppers, or more/less salt, other herbs, blend the onion. Coming up with a treasured recipe is part of the family fun.  
Every family likes things a little different.  
Let me know if you make this, and how you changed it to suit your family's taste buds.    

Tomatillo's and Garlic

Waiting for Cilantro to be picked from the garden

A wee bit of vinegar 

A green Jalepeno from the garden  just beginning to turn red

Packed full of Cilantro and blended 

Nectar of the gods

The freshness of the ingredients makes us crave this salsa.   

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